Doğal Zeka, was established in 2006 by taking advantage of KOSGEB supports. The company designs and produces high quality, innovative streaming products including multicast systems.

-All products are tested in a variety of live broadcasting organizations environments, enriched their functions according to actual needs.

-Doğal Zeka sells their own products getting more innovative. In other words, Dogal Zeka, only sells patented technology products produced by their own software engineers.

-Doğal Zeka is an expert on IP video streaming applications over a network and focus on the most professional video broadcast solutions with lowest Internet connectivity costs. The company's products be successfully integrated to the global companies' CDN solutions like Octoshape as with Digiturk platform.

-Doğal Zeka's solutions can be customized according to the customer's need. In addition the support engineers take care the customer's business success and give support them with approach of intimacy. That's why Dogal Zeka is prefered by the customer as a best provider in our market.

Doğal Zeka isn't the distributor of any foreign company. Doğal Zeka is the rare technology company exhibiting this property in Turkey in their own industry.

From 2006 to the present; Doğal Zeka has completed six technological innovation project approved by the TUBITAK TEYDEB 1507 and 1501 Industrial R & D Funding Program. And Dogal ZeKa working on two technological innovation project approved by the TUBITAK and istabul Development Agency. Completed Projects:

- SIP-Based Peer to Peer Secure Image Transfer - End-User Interactive Services Infrastructure for Multimedia Streaming Systems Using Internet Protocols

- Interactive Multimedia Service Platform for High-Continuity, Redundancy and Load Sharing Infrastructure

- Interaction Infrastructure Integrated to video feeds for Interactive Multimedia Service Platform

- High quality SD / HD video streaming project using multiple low-speed link by load-sharing

- High Quality Media Streaming Products Platform in networks which using InterneT Protocol (IP)

Four main categories of products, which is the output of these projects are:

- Display Solutions for Multicast Networks

- HD / SD Video Streaming Products for TV Publishers

- Media Server for Telecommunication Industry

- Redundant and Load Sharing Network Systems

Vision: 'To be the best and the first remembered company whenever the topic is multimedia streaming over the Internet. To be the first to achieve, that many thinks unachievable.'

Mission: 'We, as DoğalZeka Technologies, provide cutting-edge Internet multimedia streaming solutions and provide our customers with best technical support as if we are a virtual extension of their company.