Private media service providers are obliged to preserve every broadcast they transmitted for a certain amount of time which is regulated by your country’s BRA. This obligation necessitates storing the broadcasts constantly and periodically, and also reaching these storages easily.

Addition to that, broadcasted interviews, news or shows can be rebroadcasted from a different platform and in that case, records are required to be in high definition.

NovaBulut Recorder Service, records ongoing streams of TV channels received from satellites and sends chunked records to a remotely accessible storage unit according to user's selection.

In order to benefit from this service, you may sign with YouTube in web management panel at NovaBulut. Next, you should fill the form for the first signing in action in the web panel. You can record broadcast on TV channels on web management panel after your register were approved.

Why NovaBulut Recorder Service?
  • NovaBulut Recorder Service is a cloud service which does not necessitate you to invest in any hardware or technical infrastructure and it is billed on a monthly basis.
  • You can easily assing recording job of TV channels with NovaBulut Recorder Service's web management panel.
How does DogalZeka Recorder Service work?
  • User signs in with their YouTube account to NovaBulut web management panel.
  • User chooses the channels to record.
  • User determines the destination of records(FTP Server or Dropbox) and starts recording.