Mosaic videos are created by gathering multiple video source in one screen, and it is one of the most favoured visual tools by publishers. Great numbers of publishers are exposed to a lot of financial and timewise loss because of the use of RF cabling, which is costly, hard to manage and provides no operational flexibility.

NovaBulut Mosaic Video Service is a cloud service that allows you to create high quality mosaic videos, which can be viewed on internet without requiring any other technical or equipment investment. In order to benefit from this service, you may sign in with YouTube to web management panel at NovaBulut. Next, you should fill the form for the first signing in action in the web panel. After that, you can easily create mosaic video and view on web management panel after your register were approved.

Why NovaBulut Mosaic Video Service
  • NovaBulut Mosaic Video Service is a cloud service which does not necessitate you to invest in any hardware or technical infrastructure and it is billed on a monthly basis.
  • You can easily create mosaic videos and view it with NovaBulut Mosaic Video Service's web management panel.
How does NovaBulut Mosaic Video Service work?
  • User signs in with YouTube account to web management panel.
  • User creates mosaic videos according to their preference and is able to preview it via the panel.
  • User can define viewers for mosaic videos. Defined viewers can view the mosaic videos by signing in with their YouTube account.
  • These mosaic videos can be displayed on any device such as Smart TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones.