Mosaic Server is an MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS / IPTV) or Flash Video over RTMP Multi-Viewer which creates enhanced mosaic videos of the Single- or Multi- program streams which contain video, audio and subtitle data.

Its main purpose is to grab videos that are carried as MPEG Transport Stream over UDP or Adobe's Flash Video over Real Time Multimedia Protocol (RTMP) and organize these videos by a web-based interface so that a highly customizable mosaics of these videos are produced.
The resulting video can be viewed in several different formats:
  • Directly on screen
  • Over an external video output card
  • MPEG-TS over UDP
  • MPEG-TS splitted and recorded on file
  • Flash Video over RTMP
For all encoded outputs, MEPG2 / H.264, H.265 video and AAC / MP3 audio coding standards are used.

Once the output is streamed, the mosaic videos can be viewed from any location within the network, depending on the network capacity.

This can be achieved by simple MPEG Transport Stream or Flash Video over RTMP reading video client programs or dedicated set-top-boxes.