Today, Broadcasting sector are growing rapidly. Channels are being added to our list by the rest interesting to Media and Broadcasting sector everyday. The faster growth create non-controllable platform with full advantage. At this point in time, the problem of 'How do the channels can be monitored?' come to light.

Doğal Zeka designs and produces high quality, customer-driven products since 2006. Doğal Zeka's solutions can be customized according to the customer's need. In addition the support engineers take care the customer's business success and give support them with approach of intimacy.

Doğal Zeka complated operations of controlling so many channels with real-time by this now how and produced DoğalZeka Monitoring & Alarm server.

DoğalZeka Monitoring & Alarm Server is a stream analyser/multi-viewer which allows the monitoring of the live streams coming from multiple input types such as MPEG-TS over IP (multicast), Adobe RTMP, Apple HLS, Microsoft MSS and RAW (uncompressed) from devices.

Its main purpose is to grab the programs that are carried as transport stream and organize these programs by a web-based interface so that a highly customizable monitoring with several alarm detection capabilities of these programs is made possible.

  • DoğalZeka Monitoring & Alarm Server, in Digiturk-Main Control Room, gets channels as MPEG-TS from IRD over UDP/RTP.
  • The server submit captured channels from imported input stream for user's information.
  • User can organize these programs by a web-based interface and produce personalized mosaic on fully customized geometry.
  • User can monitor with produced mosaic and several alarm detection capabilities in real time.