IPTV Monitoring Project


Turkcell TV+ decided to use our DZ Monitoring Alarm Server for monitoring over 60 channels in their master control room.

After on-site demonstration and deep testing for qualification, Monitoring & Alarm Server has met the requirements of Turkcell. Overall system is planned to monitor over 150 channels that exist on the local IP network, with a variety of HD and SD qualities.

DoğalZeka Alarm & Monitoring System is a stream analyser/multi-viewer which allows the monitoring of the live streams coming from multiple input types such as MPEG-TS over IP (multicast), Adobe RTMP, Apple HLS, Microsoft MSS and RAW (uncompressed) from devices.Its main purpose is to grab the programs that are carried as transport stream and organize these programs by a web-based interface so that a highly customizable monitoring with several alarm detection capabilities of these programs is made possible.