Detecting technical difficulties in live stream is not easy for publishers. If a problem in the stream is not instantly detected, there might be serious financial damage.

NovaBulut Broadcast Tracking Service allows you to track live stream of TV channels easily. This cloud service runs various diagnostic phases on acquired broadcast and detects any technical difficulties such as; freezing, audio interruption, blackout, packet loss and it informs you informs you instantly by sending e-mail/sms.

In order to benefit from this service, you may sign in with YouTube via web management panel at NovaBulut. Next, you should fill the form for the first signing in action in the web panel. You can easily track live stream of TV channels on web management panel after your register were approved.

Why NovaBulut Broadcast Tracking Service?
  • NovaBulut Broadcast Tracking Service is a cloud service which does not necessitate you to invest in any hardware or technical infrastructure and it billed on a monthly basis.
  • You can easily track live stream of TV channels via NovaBulut Broadcast Tracking Service's web management panel.
How does NovaBulut Broadcast Tracking Service work?
  • User signs in with YouTube account via web management panel.
  • User selects channel which will be traced.
  • User enters e-mail and sms information.
  • User defines alarm parameters which will be used and starts tracking.
  • User is informed/warned with e-mail\SMS and visually/aurally by the video itself when there are critical difficulties such as; freezing, blackout, packet loss, audio interruption and mute.
  • User can view the monitored stream live as it is created as an output which can be viewed by smart devices from web management panel.